Stylish and Warm Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf

This next DIY project was my daughter’s idea.  Last year she knitted about a dozen infinity scarves to give to friends and family for Christmas.  On the days leading up to the holidays, I watched with fascination, as she turned massive heaps of knots and tangles into fashionable and snuggly infinity scarves.  My initial plan was to have her send in a guest post for this blog, but being a busy student in the last few weeks of her final year at University, that plan fell to the wayside.   I’ve opted to skip the detailed instructions and have attached an informative “how to” video courtesy of Simply Maggie. Continue reading “Stylish and Warm Infinity Scarf”


A Feature Wall with WOW


Beautifully decorated rooms have many style elements that draw a person in and make them feel warm and welcome.  For me, it’s all about the architectural details and I LOVE rooms that feature crown molding, beefy baseboards and layers of wainscoting.   These features add a sense of luxury and grandeur and create a high-end, designer look.  Fortunately, many of these architectural elements can be recreated very cost effectively without draining your bank account.  In fact, the entire DIY shown below cost less than $100 including paint.  The room above was slightly more expensive, but that’s only because it’s larger and required more materials.  I’m thrilled with the way both these walls turned out and I encourage you to try this DIY.   Continue reading “A Feature Wall with WOW”

Cozy up with this No Sew Fleece Blanket


All parents seem to have a unique collection of gifts lovingly made by their children during years in primary and middle school.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the brightly painted macaroni necklaces and popsicle stick pen holders, but my all time favourite is this fleece blanket.  My daughter made it many, many school years ago and to this day, it still has a place of honour on the back of the couch in our family room.  It’s kept us cozy on cold winter nights, provided comfort during illness and is “Dougal’s” favourite place to snuggle (actually, that’s not his real name, but a wise millennial in my BSMR class says it’s not  smart to share your pet’s name online — and I happen to agree).  Despite a  few hundred spins in the washing machine (the blanket, not the dog), it still looks great and is always in use.  I’ve decided it’s time for a new fleece blanket and thought this would be the perfect time to share another DIY project.   Here it goes…. Continue reading “Cozy up with this No Sew Fleece Blanket”

Mirror, Mirror – Double Take

Mirror on wall

On my way out the door this morning, I glanced in this mirror for a quick lipstick check and that’s when it hit me… this old, timeless mirror is one of my favourite DIYs.   I completed this project well over a decade ago, and it still hangs with pride in my entry way.




This is an extremely easy and affordable mirror to make.

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