Repurpose and Reimagine


In the world of social media,  content is king.  Great content not only engages an audience but also provides value and, together, these elements keep an audience coming back for more.

Creating great content takes time to develop, which is why savvy publishers often repurpose and reimagine their content as the need arises.   Truth be told, it’s also a great time-saver.  I’m always looking to save precious minutes and have opted to repurpose content and materials from two previous blogs to create a new, super easy DIY project.   I love the versatility that comes with these materials. Hope you agree!

For this project, I’ve repurposed the materials from the following blogs:  Birch Pillar Candles and Sparkle in a Bottle along with two garden lanterns. 

Step 1:

Place the birch pillars in the lantern. I used 3 pillars in one lantern and 4 in the other and staggered the heights to create interest. 

Step 2:

Weave the sparkle lights between the pillars and place the battery at the front of the lantern so it’s easy to reach.   Cover the inside base of the lantern with moss (purchased from the Dollar Store) to hide the battery and add an organic element to the lantern’s base.

Step 3:

Stand back and admire.  This DIY took less than 10 minutes.   I can’t wait to move these lanterns to the patio once the warm weather arrives.  Roll on Summer!


Round organg circle with pin and Quick Tip textYou don’t need to have birch pillars to reimagine a lantern.  I placed dozens of wine corks in the lantern below and added a strand of battery operated Christmas lights for a little extra bling. 

It’s amazing what a little imagination and creativity can do.



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