Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Bamboo Garden Fencing/Edging

I know what you’re thinking, I’ve posted the wrong photo.  Let me explain.  While on my weekly trip to the dollar store, this time for gift wrap, poop bags and a Valentine’s Day card (should probably have listed the card first) , I came across these strips of  bamboo picket fencing.   I thought they would create an interesting border for a DIY starburst mirror so I picked up two bundles.  As it turns out, I would end up needing four bundles in total and had to go back to the store one more time (forgetting the Valentine’s card yet again) 😦

So here’s what you’ll need to turn these bamboo pickets into a starburst mirror:


1 – round wood disk.  I cut a 36″ disk.

1 mid-size mirror. – $18 from JYSK

4 bundles of bamboo fencing/edging — $3 per bundle.  Paint sticks and wood shims are also viable substitutions.

2 packs of glue sticks – $1.50 per pack

1 hook to mount on wall – $2

Jig saw and glue gun


Step 1:

Cut the board into a 36″ circle with a jig saw.  Tip:   I picked up a 4′ x 4′ piece of scrap lumber from The Home Depot at no charge. To draw a circle on the wood,  insert a nail in the centre, attach string to nail, determine where you want the circle to end and tie pencil at that point and then draw with a quick and steady hand.    Using a jig saw cut along the pencil line.  Affix a wall hook to the back of the circle.

Step 2:

Glue the mirror in the middle of the wood and let dry over night.

Step 3:

Glue the pickets all around the mirror, focusing on the spacing at the edge of the mirror.  Don’t worry about the spacing in between the pickets, that will be dealt with in Step 4.


Step 4:

Repeat step 3, this time gluing the pickets over the wood that is still visible.  Work your way around the entire perimeter.



Step 5: 

Sit back and admire the final product!  I had intended to spray paint this project white or gray or silver or black, but couldn’t decide so I left it  “au natural”.  It was probably a wise decision as I suspect the imperfections on the pickets may have become more pronounced once painted.

This summer, this rustic, organic mirror will be hanging on a brick wall beside the patio table (or perhaps on the fence… will have to wait and see).  Hurry up summer!

I hope this DIY has inspired you.  It took less than 3 hours to make at a total cost of $35.




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