Sparkle in a Bottle

Wine and lights

Hi everyone!  For this week’s blog, I’ll continue with the sparkle theme and share, what I’m sure will be, the easiest DIY ever posted.  Actually, I’m not sure this project even qualifies as a DIY as the only thing you need to do is enjoy a few glasses of wine, do some online shopping and peel a label or two.  If this is your kind of DIY, then read on.

This project came about one hot, summer night while enjoying dinner on the patio with our neighbors.  They had on display the coolest wine bottle/lantern recently purchased from a local store for $25 dollars.   I knew I could make these lanterns for a fraction of the cost as I already had a few cases of empty wine bottles in the garage (for the record, I didn’t drink them all on my own),  and all I was missing was the fairy lights and that problem was quickly solved thanks to Amazon – a pack of 6 for $12.  Wow!

Fairy lights

While you are waiting for the lights to arrive,  wash the bottles and remove the labels.

Quick tip:  To remove labels, score the label with a fork and add half a cup of fabric softener to the water and soak overnight.  The labels will peel off easily without leaving a gooey residue.  Next add one AA battery to the light pack and insert into the bottle.  And that’s it… all done.

The bottles look great on the buffet and also work well on dining and patio tables.  Amazon sells the lights in many colours and I’ve used Warm White in all of the bottles above as I find it casts a warm glow.

So, the next time you go to a friend’s for dinner, bring a few of these bottles (and of course one filled with wine) and your host will LOVE them and you too.

Thanks to this project, I’ve managed to repurpose quite a few wine bottles, which leads me to my next question — what can I do with all of the corks… stay tuned.



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