Quote of the Week

Stick to the things you really love.  An honest room is always up to date.  Billy Baldwin, Legendary American Decorator.

Blue and white, geometric bar.


Mirror, Mirror – Double Take

Mirror on wall

On my way out the door this morning, I glanced in this mirror for a quick lipstick check and that’s when it hit me… this old, timeless mirror is one of my favourite DIYs.   I completed this project well over a decade ago, and it still hangs with pride in my entry way.




This is an extremely easy and affordable mirror to make.

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Bamboo Garden Fencing/Edging

I know what you’re thinking, I’ve posted the wrong photo.  Let me explain.  While on my weekly trip to the dollar store, this time for gift wrap, poop bags and a Valentine’s Day card (should probably have listed the card first) , I came across these strips of  bamboo picket fencing.   I thought they would create an interesting border for a DIY starburst mirror so I picked up two bundles.  As it turns out, I would end up needing four bundles in total and had to go back to the store one more time (forgetting the Valentine’s card yet again) 😦 Continue reading “Mirror Mirror on the Wall”

Sparkle in a Bottle

Wine and lights

Hi everyone!  For this week’s blog, I’ll continue with the sparkle theme and share, what I’m sure will be, the easiest DIY ever posted.  Actually, I’m not sure this project even qualifies as a DIY as the only thing you need to do is enjoy a few glasses of wine, do some online shopping and peel a label or two.  If this is your kind of DIY, then read on.

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