Are you ready for your first DIY project?

If you hate January more because of the dreaded holiday visa bill than the frigid temperatures, then this blog is for you.   As I begin my Building Social Media Relationships course and learn to blog , I’ve decided to the tie my blog’s theme to my new year’s resolution to cut spending and save more.    I’ll be sharing some cool and fun tried and true DIYs that will amp up your home decor in a budget friendly manner.  In between my decor blogs, I’ll also add some unique projects and gift ideas, for that hard-to-buy friend (we all have them).  So, let’s begin, simply follow my blog, have fun, save money and perhaps get this year’s gift shopping done early.  Win – Win – Win!!!


Thanks for joining me!

No time, no money, no problem.  This blog will show you that it doesn’t take much of either to make your house a home and create thoughtful gifts that will truly warm the receiver’s heart.

Let the DIYs begin.


Tried and True DIYs